NEW: We’re hiring 2 PhD’s on model management!

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Industrial reports and empirical studies on scalability in Modelling;
  • Identification of open research challenges and proposed solutions;
  • Repository mining and management for Modelling artefacts;
  • Clone, pattern, aspect mining for Modelling artefacts;
  • Applications of explorative or descriptive data analytics;
  • Applications of predictive analytics and machine learning;
  • Large-scale model management and consistency checking;
  • Natural language processing for Modelling;
  • Model searching, indexing, retrieval, storage;
  • Visualization of (possibly heterogeneous) large sets of Modelling artefacts;
  • Techniques to analyse and automate (co-)evolution in Modelling;
  • Variability mining and management, model-driven software product lines;
  • Distributed computing for Modelling, with an eye towards Big Data;
  • Intelligent techniques for automating Modelling tasks.

We invite contributions from a wide range of technical spaces to promote cross-fertilization: Model-Driven Engineering, Systems Engineering, Business Process Modelling, Software Architecture,  and so on.