Model Management and Analytics for Large Scale Systems

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Call for Book Chapters 

We invite high-quality chapters for an edited book on

Model Management and Analytics for Large Scale Systems 

A book to be published by Elsevier and edited by:

Bedir Tekinerdogan, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Önder Babur, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Loek Cleophas, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Mark van den Brand, Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands
Mehmet Aksit, University of Twente, The Netherlands


Model-based approaches promote the use of models and related artefacts (such as metamodels and model transformations) as central elements to tackle the complexity of building systems; ranging from software to enterprise and cyberphysical domains. With the widespread use for large and diverse settings (including large ecosystems and systems of systems), the complexity, size, multiplicity and variety of those artefacts has increased. Analyzing models to derive relevant information using traditional model management approaches do not scale for the current situation. With this book we aim to tackle this problem and set the agenda for novel approaches in large scale model management and analytics.

We target both academics and practitioners who are interested in model-based development and the analytics of large scale models. Hence, the book will accept both chapters that discuss experiences from the industry and papers that are more research-oriented. Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

  • Research challenges and novel abstractions for model management and analytics
  • Repository mining and management for model-based systems
  • Statistics and data mining for model-based systems
  • Predictive analytics and machine/deep learning for model-based systems
  • Distributed computing and big data infrastructures for model management and analytics
  • Model searching, indexing, retrieval and storage
  • Natural language processing and language modelling for model-based systems
  • Clone, pattern, aspect mining for model-based systems
  • Multi-paradigm modeling, management and large-scale consistency checking for model-based systems
  • Visualization of large scale (possibly multi-paradigm) model-based systems
  • Variability mining and management of model-based systems, model-driven software product lines
  • Empirical/case studies, industrial experiences and systematic reviews for model management and analytics
  • Methods, tools and datasets for model management and analytics

Procedure and Important Dates

Please submit your chapter in PDF format to:

Each chapter proposal should be between 7,500 – 10,000 words. There are no strict formatting requirements, but all manuscripts must contain the essential elements needed to convey your manuscript, for example Abstract, Keywords, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions, Artwork and Tables with Captions.

Chapters will be reviewed by 2 to 3 reviewers. The authors participating in this publishing project will also be asked to review chapters by other contributors. You are expected to collaborate on final editing of your chapter by Elsevier’s editorial project manager.

If you intend to submit a chapter, please send a letter of intent with a tentative title, authors/affiliations and an abstract (approx. 300 words) to

Important dates are as follows:

  • Letter of intent: 1 June 2018
  • Chapters due: 1 November 2018
  • Notification: 1 December 2018
  • Camera Ready Copy due: 3 January 2018
  • Final Manuscript delivery date to Elsevier: 1 May 2019
  • Expected publication: late 2019

For further details please contact Bedir Tekinerdogan (